Portraits of Women vol. 2: Chloe King

Chloe King can do it all. And by this, we mean layering dresses over pants, pairing socks with sandals, and mixing enough prints to give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her prowess. On Chloe, a Boston native who has held her sartorial own since the days of coordinated family photos, all of this looks completely effortless. 

A Media / Fashion Content Manager for a prominent luxury retailer, Chloe has become somewhat of a permanent fixture on the street style scene, capturing us with bold looks that are distinctly her own. Luckily, the affair is of the mutual kind. First introduced to Tome through Aussie friends, Chloe has been a regular devotee, claiming to love the brand for its ease and originality, as well as its inclusivity and celebration of all women. We snuck in a moment during Chloe’s West Village photo shoot to discuss winter wardrobe essentials, the importance of honoring invitations, and what life has in store for 2018! 


Caroline Owens 


Were you always an experimental dresser?

Yes, I dressed myself from a very young age. I have two sisters and my mom liked to match us. I’m the middle one but I would always refuse! The other two would still match.

Do you have an item you love so much that you just want to sleep in it?

I’m really into Hawaiian shirts at the moment. My friends assumed it would go away in the winter, but now it’s just become a layering piece. I can’t let them go!

Any trends you would never try?

I’m an adventurous dresser, but I do know some trends that would never work for me. For example, those Balenciaga spandex thigh boots - I love them but they are not for me. I’m also a bit nervous about the plastic shoe trend for spring. Unless it’s the Chanel rain boots, I’m not doing it. Most other things I’ll try.

Let’s talk holiday dressing. You have ten minutes to get dressed for a party. What do you wear?

I love a good suit in pinstripe or velvet. You can add a sneaker or a heel and have 2 instant party looks! 


TOME Velvet Pants


Velvet Pants

You have to get ready to go to a party but the power is out. Guide us through the process.

I guess you have to feel things, right? I would try to find familiar textures, for example leather pants, a menswear shirt, a shearling jacket and loafers. No socks.

How many holiday parties can you handle a night? (A week? A month?)

Usually about three or four. One or two just to stop by and say hi, one that is more of a dinner, and the last one that is an actual party.

You have to go to a few events with different dress codes. What do you wear? 

Find a sleek dress that fits like perfection, like the TOME Satin Column Dress. It's the perfect foundation for different dress codes. You can layer it with a knit and oversized men's plaid jacket for something more buttoned-up, then add mismatched oversized earrings and red lipstick for late night!


TOME Column Dress


Column Dress


Cotton Drill Pants


You’re at a holiday party and you got the dress code wrong. Strategy?

I actually think it’s best to just acknowledge that you misstepped, rather than trying to ignore it. Also, if you have a nice coat, you can keep it on - this TOME Banana Sleeve Coat is killer!


  Chloe King at Paris Fashion Week (@stylesightsplotlight)


Best creative excuse to bail on a party.

I’m bad at excuses. I learned that you’re not supposed to not oversell it. Don’t give too much, just let the person know that you can’t come. I actually don’t like flaking or bailing so I always try to show up when I’m invited, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I think it’s important to show face. 

Holiday drink of choice.

For a daytime party, I love something warm, like a hot toddy or a hot cider. I also like Manhattans for this time of the year, or a French 75 for cocktail hour. I think it's a fun time to have a more seasonal drink.

How do you stay healthy and productive?

I drink a lot of water, so I try to keep it up throughout the night. Also, at work dinners most people don’t drink that much, because they have to be up in the morning. It doesn't look like work, but it is!

Shopping during the holidays is mayhem. How do you navigate?

I am really bad under pressure so I have been trying to buy things for people throughout the course of the year. Last year, my family decided to make donations in each other’s names for a cause that is important to us. With the current climate and the way things are in the world, it felt like the right thing to do. I think we’re doing it again this year. 


TOME Pleated Sash Dress


Pleated Sash Dress

Dream holiday getaway. What do you pack?

My friend is in the Maldives right now, I wouldn’t mind joining her.  I would bring the Tome Pleated Sash Dress - I love a tropical print at the moment, anything drapey and breezy. Also, Tome has amazing shirting - a crisp white shirt works great with a tan.

All I want for Xmas is _____

More closet space.

In 2018, I am looking forward to ______

My sister’s pregnant, so meeting my first niece!


TOME Velvet Pants


Wrap Top


Chloe's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chloe4dayz/

A Special Thank You

To The Garrett for allowing us to have a photoshoot at their lovely venue. 

The Garrett